About The Challenge

Neighborhoods are the building blocks of our community and neighbors who work together are stronger and healthier. The Sarasota County Neighborhood Challenge encourages neighbors to work together, learn together, do projects together in a way that is more sustainable, more healthy, and more involved.

Is your neighborhood up to the challenge?

Bring your neighbors together to get credit for all the hard work your neighborhood has already done together and to identify new opportunities to strengthen our community. At the end of the challenge, participating neighborhoods will be recognized for their efforts at the 2017 Sustainable Communities Workshop (slated for Fall 2017).


Getting Started

Before you begin, please review our Challenge Details section to learn more specifics about the Sarasota County Neighborhood Challenge.

  1. Click “sign up” on one of the Neighborhood Challenge pages. 
  2. Complete the registration form. 
  3. Click “submit” and a confirmation email will be delivered to you. 
  4. You will now be able to view your Neighborhood's Dashboard. 
  5. Select a scoreboard challenge that your neighborhood would like to participate in and Click "Go".
  6. Fill out your neighborhood's scorecard with your neighborhood's current accomplishments (can date back as far as February 1, 2016). 
  7. Click "Save Form" and then you will return to your Neighborhood's Dashboard. 
  8. If your neighborhood chooses, your neighborhood can then fill out a scorecard to participate in another challenge area. 
  9. Log-out.
  1. Sign-in and access the scorecard your neighborhorhood would like to update.
  2. Update the scorecard and receive a new tentative score.
  3. Click “Save Form” and receive a confirmation email.
  4. You will have the option to update another challenge scorecard.
Once your neighborhood's scorecard has been activated, your neighborhood will have the opportunity to update it regularly throughout the year before the final deadline (October 2, 2017). Please update your neighborhood's scorecard(s) with your neighborhood's most recent improvements by this deadline. Approximately one month after the Challenge deadline, your neighborhood will be notified of their official award standing.
The Sarasota County Neighborhood Challenge is a pilot program: the inaugural Neighborhood Challenge Awards Ceremony will take place at the 2017 Sustainable Communities Workshop (slated for Fall 2017). Please check back for more details.

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